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Lighting truss installation

Lighting truss installation

We are able to offer a team of reliable and capable guys to deliver and install your truss systems.

Maybe you are just to busy doing what you do or maybe just need a little aid on the day to build you confidence in it's general assembly.

But what ever the reason we are more than willing to take on the task of gantry and truss installation or relocation as in the image above.

The smaller weight systems such as 25mm, 32mm and 35mm diameter tubes are generally easy for most people to setup.

Although you may wish to side step the complicated designs and two tier structures.

Systems designed and made in the thicker walled and larger diameter tubes of 50mm can become quite physical when you have a large system.

So when you are looking at purchasing a trussing system think about its installation, if you thing a helping hand would be good, ask for a quote.

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