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Exhibition lighting truss rental service

Exhibition lighting truss rental service

May be you are considering your next trade show event and trying to decide if it is time to up scale.

Weighing up a larger floor area or maybe going for an island stand so as to allow access to your exhibit area from all four sides.

Next comes the decision to purchase or rent, this is usually decided on the final budget that you have allotted for the event, and if you have the ability to store a trussing system on your premises between events.

As a ball park guide you can expect truss rental to come in at approx 15-20% of the actual price to purchase a system.

lastly is it possible for us to erect the lighting truss and really make rental pay or do we need a professional contractor to setup and take down.

Well I am glad to say that with our lighting truss systems, rental and self installation are easy.

We will supply you with a drawing noting the locations of all sections and advise on the simplest way to approach its assembly.

There are no stressful nuts and bolts, just a simple spigot and pin connection, place two sections together with the conicals in place, slide through the pin and slip the retaining clip through to hold it all in place.

We are able to service the whole of the UK and even have clients hire trussing to use at European events and shows.

If you would like to know more about what is feasible please do contact us.

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