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Looking for marketing idea's try an exhibition.

Looking for marketing idea's try an exhibition.

Are you looking for a totally new approach to marketing your company as a brand or just it's products. How do you raise awareness of what you have to bring to the world as a manufacturer, service supplier, educational center or even charitable organisation. Have you decided that mail shots are nothing more than bin fillers, e-mails are considered spam, telephone sales is considered a nuisance call and reps are oh so costly. Then why not consider what may well be a totally new approach, exhibition events and trade shows, at a show half the work is done for you. Every single visitor is there because they are looking for some thing, and they are the most positive sales lead you could ever wish for, now all you need to do is make your pitch and seal the deal. Here's news of both, an exhibition about marketing, may be you could pick up a new marketing technique or just regain that enthusiasm for promoting your company and it's product range.  
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