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Manual turntable - hand operated turntables

Manual turntable - hand operated turntables

"I need to rotate an item or object and have no source of power" a problem that can easily be over come with our manual revolving decks. We are able to build to order any reasonable sized turn plate to cater for the tiny light weight object to the large and heavy, in fact up to 300 kilos. As with all turntables the item being displayed must still be loaded centrally located on the deck. Hand operated turntables make the act of manually turning an immensely heavy article by hand very easy, the hardest part is to lift the item and place it onto the turn plate in the first place. We can brand the deck with your logo if required or just apply a laminate in the colour of your choosing. The image above shows the turn pale on top of  a custom built plinth but it could equally of been at the base allowing the entire plinth to rotate too.
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