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Portable Display Case

Portable Display Case

A portable showcase or display case is invaluable at any exhibition or trade show if you have a range of small items or products that you wish to display or promote. If you would rather not hire or buy a glass display case then may be a clever collapsable showcase could suit your application perfectly. It should also be noted that with todays health and safety glass can be of concern when being transported or used at a public event. A series of clever twist lock joints allows the whole structure to fold or twist down into a padded carry case for ease of transport. The portable tower show case stands at 2065mm high and has a diameter of 565mm, all told it weighs 20 kgs. It is constructed in 4 tiers, a combination of acrylic window panels and graphic panels which give a very appealing look and practical usability for shelving opportunities. You will be able to display 8kgs of product as a spread load on each shelf. A top mounted down lighter will illuminate the top shelf are too high lighting an important display item. It you need a plinth unit to match this showcase tower we are also able to supply this, again it can be fitted with acetate windows or graphics. The plinth version stands at 1070mm high x 580mm dia and weighs 14.5 kilos. Both of these portable display cases are stock items and can be supplied within the week including the production of the graphics if so required.
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