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Portable Display Counter

Portable Display Counter


Portable display counters as you can image come in a very wide range of styles and budgets. These are at the very top of the pile, high end aluminum frames folding portable display counters built to the very best European standards.

Display counters have to look good, they are the image that you are presenting to your customers or would be clients, if a counter unit looks cheap, unsubstantial and is showing signs of ware an tear, what conclusions will prospective

customers draw regarding your business and its products being presented in a rickety display counter.

To buy on price alone can be a false economy, budget counters have there place in the market and for short term life applications are perfectly suitable, but if you expect to get many years of reliable service from a portable display counter buy a counter that can take the hard life, the wear and tear that goes along with exhibitions and trade shows, one that could also be used at outdoor events unlike a counter constructed of Mdf as a base material.

Consider also the time between the exhibition events, maybe you could make use of a smart and professional counter in a show room or reception area too. These counters are ideal for promotional and publicity events, sales and marketing are very important they take a lot of valuable staff time and cost a lot of money, investing in the equipment you use and the image your project make good sense in relation to this expenditure.

How about transit to and from trade show venues, what about storage in a ware house, how will you protect your display counter and keep it in peak condition, these portable display counters have  a range of carry bags and wheeled transit cases to accompany them.

" I have different trade shows and need different graphics on my display counter for each" that is easily done, we can produce two panel sets, these can we swop out quickly and easily with the use of an allen key removing one cross frame bar and then replacing it, a two minute operation.

The range of counters covers standard desk style units with open backs with options to add locking sliding doors, along with various styles in glazed counters. We can manufacturer these counters in two heights 1050mm and 895mm and units are 515mm deep as standard. The frame work is satin anodized finished and the tops are white enamel coated, so surfaces are wipeable. Assembly of these portable counters is very quick and easy, no tools are required either, a clever design of lugs and cams means that from box to completed counter takes a minute.

Production and supply times are usually 10 days to two weeks, our custom service will take longer, should you wish to adapt any of the basic deigns to your personal requirements.

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