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Portable display plinth

Portable display plinth

Display plinths and pedestals come in all shapes and sizes but not all can be branded with your own companies logo or product shots. If you are considering a promotion, exhibition, trade show or revamp of a showroom or retail space and are looking for a customised display plinth or pedestal with all your company colours and branding, may be our graphique plinths could suit your purposes. We are able to offer both round and square plinths, popular sizes for our round units are 500m dia, 600mm dia and 700mm dia, square available in the same dimensions, the standard height is 1000mm high but we are able to construct pedestals to any height you may require. Graphique furniture is very strong and can support weights of 80kgs or more, the aluminium supports poles enable this. The graphics for our round plinths are printed on 300 micron stoplight media and then laminated for durability. The base and top have formers fitted to them with velcro attached to them, when the poles are locked into the base and top the graphic can be attached to the formers as the graphic also has velcro on it. If you require tops can also have graphics upon them but standard finish is in a beech effect laminate. We are able to produce plinths and pedestals to order within 4 days, custom size units will take about 1 week in production, call for a quote.
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