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Retractable barrier post

Retractable barrier post

Every workplace and public building should have a few retractable barriers on hand, even if you do not have a need for cordoning or queue management the reality is that some times inquisitive people go were they should not. For example if your company has a need for the trades to come on site and complete a task, often staff can be in close proximity, this can be a cause for concern as this is when accidents can happen. Reacting to something after the event is not the wisest game plan, the old adage prevention is better than cure should be in all managerial minds. It only takes a few moments to place out some retractable barriers, our chrome stanchions have a 2.5m belt length so you are able to section off a good sized floor area with just a few. Health and safety should be at the fore front of all our minds, even a small slip can cause some one considerable harm, before we even discuss the cost implications and insurance aspect. These are high quality chrome stanchions weigh 9.8kgs, the base has a diameter of 350mm and has a thick rubber floor protector too. The belts come in black or red and have a damper fitted, so if you should drop the end it will not whip back at high speed possibly causing injury or damage. The range also has a wall mounted tension belt unit with receiving end, very handy to cordon off across isles, walkways and corridors in a quick and simple manner.
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