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RGBW light boxes

RGBW light boxes

Cokerexpo are creating a new product line in RGBW addressable light boxes, in development now.

With this coming slimline wall mounted or freestanding light box we are able to use addressable diodes with RGBW ability.

This will enable a host of eye catching effects, highlighting of small yet significant areas of your design or even a written message to weave across the display.

RGBW addressable diodes can be programmed  to switch on and off, change a colour at a customers need to bring a totally custom and controllable display to life.

Time to start to imagine just what this could do for your brand, how it could be used to promote any company and its products.

A smart display with real impact in your showroom, reception or at a new product launch or promotional event.

Please do give us a call and ask for a demonstration.

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