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Rotating a motorcycle on a turntable

Rotating a motorcycle on a turntable

Our 500 kilo display turntable unit is known as the CUE 5000 and is offered for indoor or outdoor use and with or without slip rings which is another cable from the top of the unit so that

extra power can be supplied to the item being rotated if required, eg lights, fans, etc.

The width of the turning plate is 400mm whilst the unit is 125 mm high and comes with a 2 metre mains cable.

A more heavier sturdy unit that is quiet yet powerful, running at 1 revolution per minute using 15.5 watts of power.

It also has a built in safety clutch to preserve the motor should it be obstructed and not be able to rotate properly for a short moment in time.

There is also the available option of a hanging device for up to 150 kilos or up to 500 kilos.

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