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Rotating Displays

Rotating Displays

The use of a rotating or revolving display in shops, showrooms, receptions and at trade show events is becoming ever more popular.

The moving promotional display will attract a customers eye and gain general notice from passers by.

As we all know the slightest movement that catches the corner of your eye you will turn and look at what is was, this is why a moving sign or display is so effective.

There are a range of display drives available off the shelf so as you can make your own display, or if you need a little aid we can build the sign too.

We have units for all range of weight loads and sizes, even units for external display purposes.

The standard speed for any turntable display drive is 2.5rpm but we are able to build to order some special speeds, 1rpm is popular too.

We have display drives to cater for weight loads from 1 kilo right up to 1 ton, I am sure we can find some thing for your application.

The units shown above was actually illuminated, a revolving display lightbox, really effective an a little different from a basic sign.

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