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Security at exhibitions and events

Security at exhibitions and events

A cautionary word of advice, please bare in mind that exhibition halls and in general trade show events are not the most secure venues in the world.

This year our client at the professional beauty event held at Excel in February delivered there brand new display cases a day earlier than advised.

We happened to be setting up another trussing system in the hall next door for the Hotelympia event and decided to pop through and check the carpeting was being laid.

Needless to say the electrics had not been laid down as booked and so the carpets were being delayed, but we found a bunch of transit cases awaiting us for the following day.

A quick photo was taken and just a swell, when we attended the following day to set up another lighting gantry system one transit case had managed to disappear.

Our photo showed were it once had been and now security was dispatched to hunt down the missing display case.

30 minutes later we were asked to attend a stand at the other end of the hall, low and behold our transit case was found.

Bare this in mind, hundreds of people walk about these halls, I have never been asked in 8 years by any one to show any ID as an exhibition stand contractor.

I wonder just how much kit goes astray at exhibitions and events, our client was very lucky, be warned.

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