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Small Trade Show Stand

Small Trade Show Stand

If your are considering taking part in a local business to business trade show event, you may well find it's being held in a smaller venue, often the local hotel, sports hall or golf club is chosen by the event organizers as these venues are often a lot cheaper to rent floor space at and are able to assign smaller areas rather than the entire venue as an exhibition hall. Now these events have other advantages above that of just lower costs, they can offer a much more appealing location, very often more pleasant outdoor surroundings, some times what one would consider as a very comfortable internal venue, good natural lighting and usable floor surface, no charges for power sockets, a more appealing feel, free parking, a nice clockroom and of course a good bar with great food, what's not to like! More often than not these are just one day events, you will be expected to get there early in the morning to set up your stand ready in plenty of time for the start of the event and then clear away promptly at the end. You will be told in advance just what to expect, if walling to make booths is supplied or if it will be an open aspect with just a few taped marks on the floor to define you exhibiting area and do with as you wish. Now these are business to business events and not subject specific as most exhibitions are, you will get to meet all manner of business's, trades and even educators or trainers. The fact is all these companies will be local, this is a good chance to make new contacts that would enhance your own business as well as gain some sales. More often than not you'll not even of know that these companies were in the local vercinity, may be this is just what you need to promote your selves in the local area a great way to make your selves know to others. How do you promote your company in the local area or county, how many business's are you actually trading with in a 20 mile radius. The big venues can indeed offer a large footfall but maybe it's the quality of visitor that's more important, every business at that show along with you is thinking positively, looking to grow, move forward and increase, the smaller company or one that is just starting out can not really afford to invest in the grand sized exhibition at a premium venue. The pennies need to be watched, accounted for, and results seen for every bit of promotion you invest in, the business to business exhibition is well worth considering assigning a part of your sales budget too, from small acorns.... next year it could be the NEC and then you'll need to invest in a portable exhibition system, may be we can help you out along this course, good luck.    
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