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Steel truss exhibition systems

Steel truss exhibition systems

At first glance the above picture is of a half stripped down exhibition stand, but look a bit closer, now note the bending beam.

This system is a 20mm diameter tube trussing system, constructed of steel and locking together with nuts and bolts.

The bend shows the deflection that all systems of this material and connection style suffer from.

You can only do a nut and bolt up so much and it is time consuming so some never get pulled up that tight, see the results.

Secondly steel is a heavy material in the first place, if you are looking to avoid clearly visible beam deflection and long set up times do your re-search.

We only offer alluminium trussing systems that use a spigot and pin connection system, a solid conical sits inside each joint, knock a spigot through and then clip to secure.

Set up times and importantly removal times will be half that of nut and bolt systems and they are true load bearing systems with exceptional joints.

Yes you will need to invest a little more to hire or purchase an alluminium truss system but consider the saving if staff hours over the years when setting up.

We have a show room in Hampshire, we can show you both systems and make up your own mind which deserves investing in.

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