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Straight pop up display stand

Straight pop up display stand

"I need an exhibition stand a back drop to promote my company and our products" we hear this all the time, invariably the first words spoken to us after "Hello"

There is no one answer as an ultimate solution, we can show you the options that fit your budget and your time line.

Your choice of modular display system is wide, every thing form a portable banner stand, some of these now go up to 2500mm wide, to an aluminium modular display stand,

to a pop up display configuration or maybe a full blown lighting truss for a floor area of 20 Sqm plus, anything is possible if the production time is available.

If we consider a smaller floor area of say 3m x 4m then the popular pop up display stand may well suit you.

The above image was for a floor area that was open on two sides to the walkways of the exhibition isles, a simple backdrop to which other products were placed in front.

A simple and quick display to set up, just as easy to break down at the end of the event when everyone is usually tired and would like to get off home as soon as possible.

This system was a standard unit at 3 quads high, this stands at 2225mm high but we are able to build systems that are 3 and 4 quads high, getting up to 3.8m high.

We are able to advise all of the art working dimensions for your designer to follow.

A pop up display system as this will usually take about 1 week in house to produce depending on production levels at the time.

We spec lighting and transit cases as you require, enabling the protection and easy transport from vehicle to floor area at the venue.

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