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Take down after the exhibition.

Take down after the exhibition.

Cokerexpo offer an exhibition lighting truss hire and rental service for those whom which to self set up or take advantage of our installation and removal team.

When you are considering hire of a trussing system always consider the time and man power that you have to set up your self or leave it to the contractors.

If your floor area is not going to take a huge amount of time to dress once the truss and lighting are all set and in place then self set up is for you.

If you on the other hand have a rather complicated stand and dressing will take many hours it is probably best to let the contractor do it, they will be quicker.

Consider how best to spend your time as well as your money.

The when it comes to the take down once again consider the time you will spend after the event, may be the day after too, would you rather not just be off after a long day promoting your company.

Are contractors are used to working all hours and weekends too.

If you opt to take out the truss system your selves please pack it away with the same care as it was supplied to you at the start of your event, thank you.

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