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Tension fabric light boxes

Tension fabric light boxes

"Where can I get a light box that uses tension fabric graphics"

We not try our light box display solutions we are based in Hook, Hampshire and can make custom size light box frames and display in 2 weeks.

Here we show an eye catching back lit frame work that has been fitted to a ceiling in grids giving a very eye catching back lite display.

Our smart aluminium frames come in various widths, the bright and powerful Led diodes are set into the profile, along the top and bottom, but also edges if he sizes requires them for good illumination.

We can make light box frame for tension fabric graphics in a week when you need to update your imagery.

Fitted of tension fabric graphics is very quick and easy, a simple silicone edge bead is sewn to all sides and is just eased into the frame profile with the push of a thumb.

May be you have a need for a custom back lit light box for an exhibition, event or retail display area, ask for a quote.

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