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Trilite gantry hire

Trilite gantry hire

So you have a trade show coming up and are considering a Trilite gantry, looking to hire the system and lights and set it up yourselves. We are able to offer a 32mm dia tube trilte aluminium gantry system that is very easy and quick to use, each section connecting with a simple spigot and pin system, no time consuming and awkward nuts and bolts to deal with as flange truss has. Medishelve came to ourselves for an event that were attending, The pharmacy show held at the NEC. Rental of a trilite gantry system is a simple process, just let us know your floor area, the height that you wish to go up too and the design or shape that appeals to you. We will be able to design some thing to meet your needs with our large trilite stocks to fit within your given parameters and advise you of a cost. Medishelve found that trilite was indeed easy to work with and a great solution for raising lights above there shelving units an ideal for illumination at a trade show. You may well decide that you would rather just leave it to the professional exhibition contractors, while you are busy dealing with other matters on the day. We are very willing and able to handle the installation and removal process for you, which ever works best for you, and every things runs smoothly. For information on this years Pharmacy show and its outcome.
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