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Truss banner stand

Truss banner stand

Truss or gantry as it is also known can be put to many display uses, it is a very eye catching and appealing product with a technical or industrial look about it.

The Trio version ( 3 tube ) is by far the most popular for display purposes, the lattice work and aluminiums brightness lends its self perfectly to any project.

For the show room, reception or retail window it will make the ideal base structure to any display or promotional area.

Aluminum trussing is very light weight to handle but has great strength and load baring capabilities, a real engineering product with modular adaptability thanks to

a huge range of section lengths and junctions to enable any shape of display to be created.

The image above was for a simple signage requirement, the unit had to be easily assemble and quickly packed away for transport to another area.

The presentation and impact of your display are half of the image and message that you are putting over to whom ever is standing before your graphics,.

Whether you are running a product promotion or raising you companies profile an eye catching display will get you noticed, then is down to your message.

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