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Exhibition gantry, fast, precise, lightweight and strong.

Exhibition gantry can stand alone or work integrally with most display systems. It's the corner stone of many exhibition stands and theatrical display systems.The perfect place for lighting support. Coker Expo are major suppliers of S35 and S50 rapid build conical fitting gantry which is secured with tapered pins and safety clips no spanners are required. Systems are in two tube (ladder) three tube (trio) and four tube (quad). Each system is further available in 35 and 50mm diameter variants. The systems are constructed of aluminium alloy extruded tubes with precision machined ends which give a virtually deflection free construction which is visually very impressive.

Exhibition gantry stand and exhibition gantry designs, probably one of the best investments possible in display advertising! The product ranges offered will last for years and years and can be re used over and over without loss in presentation add this to the flexibility of reconfigurability and timeless fashion appeal.

The aluminium alloy composition of the exhibition gantry gives exceptional strength and load bearing abilities this is backed up with TUV certification which is recognised throughout Europe not only very reassuring but possibly essential. The Coker Expo lighting truss platforms are constructed to be functional stylish and the strong various manufactured lengths can easily be connected in lines or with junctions to create practically any design required. This is a complete system and various clamps are readily available to provide....... Gantry Accessories We also print large format graphics on a range of materials single or double sided. medias offered include PVC canvas and fabrics.

Coker Exhibition Systems exhibition gantry stand and exhibition gantry design parts are manufactured in China and warehoused here at our factory in Hook Hampshire

Our portable display plinths and exhibition furniture complement the gantry range and can be custom branded as required.

For more information on the exhibition gantry systems available at Coker Expo, please call us on 01256 768178.

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Alfresco corner stand

This three legged corner stand can be self erected very...£795.00

50mm Trio Truss S50 Vertical T S50T38

A 50mm S50 range vertical T piece£110.00

50mm trio lighting truss special T piece S50T37

50mm trio lighting truss special T piece£110.00


50mm trio gantry S50T36 50mm Trio T piece£110.00

S35 Trio lighting truss Long straight sections 2-3M

System 35 Exhibition gantry long straight sections 2M to 3M.£120.00

S35 Quad Gantry Long lengths 2-3M

System 35 Quad lighting truss long lengths.£160.00

GT32 Aluminium tube

Aluminium tube for accessories 32mm Diameter Aluminium tube...£15.00

32-35mm Truss clamp for lighting and many other accessories

32-35mm lighting clamp 32-35mm gantry clamps for use with...£10.00

Trio aerial lighting rig, 2m Trio circle.

Aerial lighting rig 2m diameter circle Spigot and pin...£840.00

S35 Gantry lifting eye for flying rigs

S35 Gantry lifting eye for flying rigs Single gantry...£15.00

S35TC41 cross junction for lighting truss SYS35.

S35 Lighting Truss 4 way cross S35T41 System 35 Lighting...£155.00

S35T33 Three way apex down - right hand corner junction

S35 trio lighting truss 3 way apex down corner right hand...£130.00

Straight section lengths for Trio System 35 truss up to 1500mm

System 35 Lighting Truss straight sections System 35...£70.00

S35 Quad 135 Degree Junction

System 35 Quad lighting truss 135 Degree Junction.£150.00

Curved sections of lighting truss sections S35T 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5M circles

Curved sections S35T 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5M radius pieces, build...£170.00

Quad 290 truss build 60

Quad 290 truss build 60 A quad 290 system with dimensions...£3,180.00

290 quad gantry - build 97

290 quad gantry - build 97 A serious truss system, high...£6,914.50

290 quad lighting truss - build 98

290 quad lighting truss - build 98 A monster system dims of...£6,435.25

Truss tower in quad 290 build 68

Truss tower in quad 290 build 68 A heavy duty 50mm dia tube...£2,354.50

18 Metre Span exhibition gantry stand, build 66.

Quad 290 truss build 66 System 50 quad aluminium exhibition...£10,510.00

2 Tier S50 Quad Exhibition Gantry Sand 12x6x4M High

S50 Quad Gantry Stand Inside Or Outside Quad Build S50Q...£10,180.00

2 Tier lighting truss structure with 1m radius arcs

2 Tier truss with 1m radius arcs 2 Tier lighting truss...£8,512.00

Lighting truss structure using 1m arcs

Lighting truss structure using arcs Upside down truss 1m...£4,068.00

Aerial lighting truss 3m diameter circle, Trio.

Aerial lighting truss 3m diameter circle 35mm diameter tube.£920.00

Aerial lighting gantry 4m diameter Trio circle.

Aerial lighting gantry 4m diameter circle Spigot and pin...£1,720.00

5m diameter suspended lighting truss in Trio.

Suspended lighting truss circle Spigot and pin connection.£1,960.00

Tri tube lighting truss Six leg design System 35 Lighting truss exhibition stand.

Lighting gantry - trio - build 77 Trio gantry system.£3,500.00

Custom trio truss build 75

Custom trio truss build 75 Another totally custom system...£5,974.00

Trio decorative lighting truss build 73

Trio decorative lighting truss build 73 A simple solution...£3,129.00

Trio custom exhibition gantry - build 71

Trio custom exhibition gantry Aluminium structures in truss.£7,166.00

Trio lighting truss build 65.

Trio 222 truss build 65 System 35 Certified Truss System.£4,064.00

Lighting gantry for events and exhibitions, build 64.

Trio lighting gantry build 64 Modular aluminium structures.£2,120.00

Lighting truss system, build 56.

Lighting truss system UK 35mm diameter tube, Quick assembly...£2,472.00

Exhibition lighting truss stand, double tier, design 58.

Trio lighting truss build 58 3.£5,264.00

Trio gantry build 55

Trio gantry build 55 A 222 trio truss build that can be...£3,138.00

Gantry lighting build 52

Gantry lighting build 52 A 222 trio lighting truss design...£3,866.00

Lighting truss system design 51

Trade show Display Truss build 51 Flexible build Trade show...£3,300.00

Display truss build 49 (dwg 529-1)

Display truss build 49 (dwg 529-1) Looking for a large open...£6,365.00

Display truss build 48

Display truss build 48 (dwg 502b) trade show lighting truss...£3,967.00

Centre stage walk through lighting truss, design 47.

Display truss - build 47 Custom lighting truss design.£5,721.00

Trade show display truss, build 46.

Display truss build 46 Aluminium structure in Trio trussing.£6,657.00

Gantry exhibition stand

Gantry exhibition stand Build 3 This build is for a floor...£2,344.00

Lighting truss build 41 moon unit

Lighting truss build 41 moon unit A highly visual display...£4,567.00

Exhibition lighting truss, design 40

Lighting truss build 40 Aluminium trussing.£2,095.00

Aluminium Exhibition Gantry system build 39

Aluminium Exhibition Gantry build 39 Thinking big.£7,175.00

Truss for trade show events, build 38

Trade Show Truss Build 38 If you need to section off a...£3,381.00

Stylish lighting truss system with tables built in.

Lighting Truss Build 35 35mm diameter tube trussing Truss...£3,802.00

Exhibition Gantry for trade shows, build 34

Exhibition Gantry build 34 Aluminium structures in system...£3,841.00

Lighting truss build 33

Lighting truss build 33 A freely adjustable build.£1,603.00

System 35 aluminium trussing.

Aluminium Display Truss build 29 A simple truss goal post...£1,693.00

Lighting truss systems for large floor areas.

Lighting truss systems Trussing for boat shows.£3,432.00

Events Lighting Truss in Trio, Build 26

Events Lighting Truss build 26 An eye catching...£3,876.00

Lighting Gantry - build 23

Lighting Gantry - build 23 Lighting truss structures A...£1,880.00

Lighting truss build 22

Lighting truss build 22 Lighting truss build 22, system...£6,237.00

Lighting truss build 21, exhibition truss system.

Truss build 21 Long narrow display built from exhibition...£4,588.00

Suspended lighting truss with lifting eyes.

Suspended lighting truss build 20 35mm diameter tube...£1,522.00

Lighting truss build 19

Lighting truss build 19 This configuration is to carry...£1,992.00

2 Tier lighting truss system, top circle on a square, design 18.

Lighting truss build 18 2 tier truss exhibition stand.£7,263.00

Exhibition gantry for events - build 17

Exhibition gantry build 17 Simple right angle aluminium...£1,698.00

Hexagonal lighting truss tower with radial extending arms.

Gantry lighting truss - build 14 Radial extending arms.£7,351.00

2 Tier Exhibition Gantry system build 13

2 Tier Exhibition Gantry build 13 Aluminium trussing circles.£5,600.00

Exhibition back wall, truss portal 3m wide.

Gantry build 11 goal post style - trio Exhibition gantry...£700.00

Exhibition gantry, design number 10

Exhibition gantry build 10 Square truss display stand 3x3m...£2,567.00

2 Tier Lighting Gantry for Trade show events.

2 Tier Lighting Gantry Aluminium trussing structure.£3,264.00

Exhibition gantry stand square or rectangular build.

Square or rectangle exhibition truss Build all these size...£1,640.00

Truss race start line for events, start line 2.

Race Start Line 2 Over head race start line.£3,028.00

Racing event start line B1.

Race Start Line B1 Road race start line for events.£3,000.00

Event race start and finish lines.

Race Start Line gantry 1 Trussing for outdoor events This...£2,185.00

4x4M Exhibition gantry build 2

Exhibition gantry build 2 Exhibition lighting rig 2 Quick...£5,092.00

Hexagonal exhibition truss system

Trio hexagonal lighting gantry Build 12 A hexagonal trio...£2,793.00

C1 Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand 5 x 4 Metres

Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand S35 Big stand less than two...£1,740.00

Curved lighting truss structure, truss dome.

Gantry lighting truss Curved lighting truss stand Eye...£2,200.00

Lighting truss exhibition stand build "H"

Gantry build h 3.5 x 3.5 x 5 Metres Trio lighting truss...£2,700.00

S50TBase trio lighting truss base plate

S50 trio lighting truss base plate S50 trio lighting truss...£65.00

S50T33 Right hand three way Gantry Corner

S50T33 RH Gantry Corner S50T33 System 50 50mm tube Right...£184.00

S50T34 Left hand three way Gantry Corner

S50 Gantry Corner S50T34 System 50 50mm tube Left hand 3...£184.00

S50T Straight sections

S50T 50mm Trio Lighting Truss Straight sections Range of...£80.00

Stable starting bridge with graphic branding

Race Start Line Gantry bridge 50mm Trio gantry starting...£3,322.00

Three Tube 50mm very strong aluminium display stand this display truss example is 8M x 6M

Large Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand S50 Inside Or Outside...£4,038.00

System 50 Trio Lighting Truss 4m x 4m.

System 50 Trio Lighting Truss 4m x 4m Substantial strength...£2,900.00

Indoor or outside lighting truss backdrop banner stand.

System 50 Trio lighting truss backdrop This build has been...£1,394.00

Giant Banner stand exterior use gantry

Outdoor gantry banner stand This stand gives the perfect...£2,105.00

Long span exhibition stand lightweight lighting truss S50 Trio Gantry

Trio Lighting truss 50mm Display lighting truss system in...£4,380.00

Display truss build 50 (dwg 518)

Display truss build 50 (dwg 518) A display truss...£4,663.00

Wall fixed exhibition stand System 35 Quad

Wall Fixed Quad Lighting Gantry Quad lighting truss.£1,346.00

S35 Fast build quad lighting gantry

Quad Lighting Gantry Systems Modular truss system for...£4,722.00

Quad Trade Show lighting gantry system

Quad Trade Show Gantry Imposing 3M high corner stand Here...£1,540.00

5 metres wide x 2.5 Metres high, optional heavy base plates

Lighting Gantry Exhibition Backdrop This exhibition...£940.00

Quad aerial lighting truss.

Aerial Lighting Truss in Quad Suspended lighting truss rig.£1,364.00

System 35 Quad lighting truss with four bays

SYS35 Quad lighting truss banner display Quad lighting...£2,332.00

System 35 Quad free standing banner display frame.

System 35 Quad Free Standing Banner Frame A smart free...£1,762.00

Strong display stand S35 Quad aluminium gantry system

Quad Lighting Truss exhibition stand Quick connection truss...£2,600.00

Quad lighting truss tower.

SYS35 Quad Lighting Gantry Tower An impressive lighting...£2,476.00

Suspended lighting truss S35 Quad.

Suspended lighting truss S35 Quad Quad truss rig suspended...£1,904.00

Rectangular exhibition stand Quad System 35

Rectangular exhibition stand Quad System 35 Quad lighting...£2,800.00

System 35 Lighting gantry stand.

System 35 Quad Lighting Gantry Stand Square or Rectangular...£2,060.00

Light extender with clamp (not including lighting fixture)

Light extender Correct your lighting with Light extension...£14.00

Lighting truss sleeve for Trio gantry.

Lighting Truss Sleeve White lycra, velcro fixing cover.£27.00

Lighting truss table or shelf, 400mm diameter.

400mm dia gantry table Fixed to truss leg.£200.00

Plasma screen suspension for truss systems

Plasma screen suspension for truss systems Plasma screen...£110.00

Mushroom end conical for 35mm Diameter truss.

Mushroom end for System 35 gantry For system 35 trussing.£6.00

Conical connectors for System 35 Gantry

Connectors for System 35 Gantry set of three A set of three...£35.00

Threaded insert for 32mm diameter tube

32mm tube metal end fitting threaded Make extending...£4.50

Finishing cap for 32mm aluminium tube

Plastic end for 32mm tube Plastic end cap to tidy the end...£1.00

USE with S35 Trio and Quad tube lighting truss systems

S35 T Bar clamp for flying (suspended) rigs This T bar is...£70.00

S35 Wall Plate for supporting truss beams.

S35 Wall Plate A handy wall plate to drop system 35 trio...£150.00

50mm double tube clamp for exhibition gantry

Double clamp for system 50 Gantry S50DC Double clamps for...£25.00