Exhibition gantry can stand alone or work integrally with most display systems. It's the corner stone of many exhibition stands and theatrical display systems.The perfect place for lighting support. Coker Expo are major suppliers of S35 and S50 rapid build conical fitting gantry which is secured with tapered pins and safety clips no spanners are required. Systems are in two tube (ladder) three tube (trio) and four tube (quad). Each system is further available in 35 and 50mm diameter variants. The systems are constructed of aluminium alloy extruded tubes with precision machined ends which give a virtually deflection free construction which is visually very impressive.

Exhibition gantry stand and exhibition gantry designs, probably one of the best investments possible in display advertising! The product ranges offered will last for years and years and can be re used over and over without loss in presentation add this to the flexibility of reconfigurability and timeless fashion appeal.

The aluminium alloy composition of the exhibition gantry gives exceptional strength and load bearing abilities this is backed up with TUV certification which is recognised throughout Europe not only very reassuring but possibly essential. The Coker Expo lighting truss platforms are constructed to be functional stylish and the strong various manufactured lengths can easily be connected in lines or with junctions to create practically any design required. This is a complete system and various clamps are readily available to provide as gantry accessories. We also print large format graphics on a range of materials, single or double sided media offered include PVC canvas and fabrics.

Coker Exhibition Systems exhibition gantry stand and exhibition gantry design parts are manufactured in China and warehoused here at our factory in Hook, Hampshire.

Our portable display plinths and exhibition furniture complement the gantry range and can be custom branded as required.

For more information on the exhibition gantry systems available at CokerExpo, please call us on 01256 768178.

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