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Truss Lighting Tower

Truss Lighting Tower

The truss lighting tower comes into its own when you are looking to light up a large floor area and do not wish to have a perimeter gantry system of any kind. There may also not be any option to hang a lighting rig from the roof structure, it could be too high or unable to bare the additional weight load. The truss lighting tower is freestanding and can be made to your required height. The large 800mm square 23kg, heavy base plate means it will stand tall and stable, no worries about it being knocked over. We are able to make our lighting truss towers from either Trio or Quad, usually in our lighter weight system 35 truss, which has a 35mm diameter weight tube. A structure as this is also better that a lighting tripod, it takes up less of your costly and required floor area and is vastly more stable. The column of truss can be made from smaller sections making storage and transportation very easy. Being freestanding our towers they can be moved around the exhibition floor to the areas that best illuminate your stand. Add a few of our powerful flood lights and complete your rig or rigs depending on the floor area to light, we have a choice of halogen, halide and Led along with cables. The truss tower also gives you a display opportunity way up high, how about a sign board or a revolving display.
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