Rotating Displays

Here is a small offering of ideas for simple rotating display stands. A revolving display is incredibly eye catching and can increase sales and interest from the public for your brand and your product.

Movement has a powerful draw and looks good in retail windows, show rooms, exhibitions and events. Promotional displays can involve more than just products, light boxes and graphic display structures can be fitted to a secondary decks or direct to the drive motor unit.

Coker Exhibition Systems are able to offer by quotation a custom build service for any revolving application or adaptation of these sample designs, please call and discuss your application and time line on 01256 768178.

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Variable speed turntable 120 Kilos 60 CM Deck TT60100KVS


T1TT Battery Turntable


50cm rotating turntable display deck fitted with power supply


TT15 Variable speed turntable with remote for revolving displays applications


Electric turntable display stand with 800mm deck and 100kg load ability - TTCSW1000 800


Rotating display turntable with 650mm display deck top TTCSW2000


Manual turntable 600 and 900mm options hand operated revolving displays


600mm motorised display turntable complete with deck and skirt TTCSW1000SR


Lightbox display turntable 400mm diameter rotating column


Large rotating display stand TTCSW1000 600mm dia beech top with ally skirt


Electric turntable display stand with 650mm deck and 100kg load ability - TTCSW 1000 650


Turntable rotating display 400mm diameter sign display with TTC200 turntable


Rotating display stand with TTC200 turntable


Rotating display stand TTCSW1000 with 450mm Diameter deck and aluminium skirt


Rotating Light Box 500mm illuminated display light box