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Truss marquee conversion

Truss marquee conversion

Every now and then you may well have an event crop up that is outdoor, a party or publicity event.

We all know just how varied and reliable UK weather can be.

If you have a trussing system already, it may well be that our canopies could fit your range of trussing.

So no need to purchase a portable marquee - gazebo too.

We have erected the above on our own System 35 truss, an 8m x 4m x 2.5m high framework was used.

Then with some custom cut tube and specialist clamps the apex has been supported to give you a finished marquee or tent.

As you can see it provides the perfect shade and protection from the elements, just want you need for external events.

We can also produce walls for the structure, printing to brand the tent for your company is also possible.

We are able to produce a range of sizes from 3m x 3m up to this unit at 8m x 4m.

Get double the usage from your trussing with this simple conversion, hey presto an event tent.

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