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Vector exhibition display stands

Vector exhibition display stands

Vector display stand, was created as an off the shelf basic exhibition display frame that can used to make exhibition booths and back drop walls and displays to smaller budgets with out the cost cutting look.

Vector display frames only come in standard sizes, but there are many available and they be fitted with various graphics mediums such as fabrics, stoplight and 3mm fomex board.

Vector display stands are also suitable for use in the retail outlets, show rooms and receptions as free standing displays.

Each vector frame frame locks together with special connection fittings and for a free standing vector display stand you will have a choice of feet, flat base plates or shaped edge fixing feet if they better suit your application or environment of use.

By far the most popular vector display frames graphic choice has been a special stretch fabric, a clever and simple silicone bead is sewn to all edges and this push fits with ease into the profile of vector aluminum frames.

Custom displays are possible with the vector range but only to a point, after all it is an off the shelf product that must use a range of standard frame sizes.

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