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Why exhibit at an exhibition

Why exhibit at an exhibition

So why Exhibit at an exhibition.

In the UK we employ half a million sales people at a cost of £19 billion a year, which means that the average sales person costs a company £49,000 per year.Let us compare this to an exhibition stand at the budget conscience end of the market, a pop up display stand.

Salespersons productivity

35% of their time is just travelling 20% administration 15% at meetings 6% actually selling

So the average sales person is only selling for 120 hours out of the year out of the 2000 hours they actually work.

So how does this compare with exhibitions? The average exhibition or show has about 4000 visitors over 2-3 days and is open for business for 20 hours.

25% of the visitors are key buyers.

80% of trade show visitors are personally involved in the buying of products or services on show.

Therefore you’re pop up display stand and your sales staff has the opportunity to make contact with up to 50 key buyers an hour. Even if you did not man your stand just think of the impact of a banner stand alone!

It is true to say results will not be immediate but we are aware that all of our customers enjoy excellent business after each show.

Some customer can hardly cope with their orders after the show it is not surprising then that they have they came back to us for more pop up display stands and additional graphics.

We do not guarantee that all customers will receive such magnificent response however statistically speaking no business can expect growth without exhibiting.

Can we help with your exhibition stand!

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