Daisy Chain Leads

Lighting cable solutions for exhibition stands and display systems. We offer double insulated lighting cables for easy plug and play rapid installation of lighting circuits in series. We have specifically chosen this range of cables and components for exhibitions and trade show event purposes. The plug and play connector works particularly well with exhibition lighting fixtures, it normally allows one run of lights to be rapidly connected as a lighting system. A single lead can connected to the mains supply at the desired point on your exhibition stand.

Providing electrical safety regulations are complied with it is often possible to add phone chargers or laptops to the same circuit, LED Lighting is a much more energy efficient use of power and often a demand of any exhibition hall or venue.

So how do they work: each light what ever its type needs to be fitted with a daisy connector, there are male and female terminal ends. You have one mains lead running from light to light this is facilitated with a splitter lead or "Y" plug at each light source. This makes for a very quick installation and it is not possible to get the connections wrong as the connectors only fit the correct way round. No special electrical skills, or certification is needed to use our daisy system.

It is important not to exceed the overall amperage in a lighting circuit but when using our LED lights the possibility is greatly reduced. This range complements our truss lights and lighting truss systems well, a quick and easy way to link a multiple number of lights in series or daisy chain. We have mains cables, splitters and linking leads all with daisy connector ends fitted.

Our lighting cables really are plug and play, fast and safe. Please note; a reasonable understanding of power circuits is a requirement and when running these cables round a truss lighting rig, earth bonding will be required too.

Please ask us for help if you need to. All new lighting cables and lights come with a 1 year Pat test for health and safety needs, just show the event organiser the Invoice to cover the first year.

Call Coker Exhibitions technical advisors on 01256 768178.

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