Display Lights

A range of display lighting including LED, Halogen and RGB colour changing lighting.  Perfect for use in lighting any exhibition stand area, retail display or showroom.  The correct lighting will bring your display and products to life.

Choosing good lighting is possibly the most important decision of any display, creating an inviting well lit area rather than a dim and uninteresting area.  We are here to help and have a range of tried and tested products to choose from.

An important consideration is always the running costs of the bulbs or LED diodes, their efficiencies and deficiencies to for that matter, and how much power they draw.  Rest assured much of the range is cost effective and low energy but maintaining good colour range and light output.

Lighting creates the feel, mood or atmosphere you are looking for to complement your product and enhance the over all look of your stand or display. The lighting of any display needs to be appropriate to the event, location, size of the area, lighting level required, height of the ceiling and presence of windows. 

To make the most of any RGB LED lighting display you should have knowledge of DMX and its application. Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements with our specialists.

Our lighting advisors are only a phone call away if you need more help.

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LL03 Link up to 10 lights each 20 Watts! 4000K Linking Exhibition Lights


G5 small spotlight 5 Watts LED exhibition and display light


BLACK LL03 Link up to 10 lights each 20 Watts! 4000K Linking Exhibition Lights


DL4 Clamp Light with GU10 LED Cool White Bulb


15w LED Exhibition Light, chrome finish GL38 with hasp


Display wall flood light 3500 Lumens 4000°K Easy link together power system


Effico 2 powerful LED display floodlight 4000 lumens


GL100 Display spotlight for lighting truss and gantry systems LED


RGB LED Power spot 3 mixed colour lighting


RGB colour change lighting PAR18


Pair of X Clips for LL03 light


Led strip light kit double with transformer


High Power 80W LED. High level very bright spotlight for showrooms


Tripod lighting stand to take 1-4 Lights complete with T Bar


Swivel head Long arm flood Led exhibition flood light double kit


CLED-EXHIB-ARM Long arm LED exhibition and display light.


Banner Stand light, Ciri


Spotlight 10 x 5 watt tuneable 2000 k-6000 k


LED Floodlight, affordable, daylight Led lighting for exhibition stands