Lighting truss stand B2 - 4x4M Exhibition gantry build 2
4x4x4M Exhibition lighting truss stand - 4x4M Exhibition gantry build 2

4x4M Exhibition gantry build 2

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Exhibition gantry build 2

Exhibition truss lighting rig with curves.

Quick connection aluminium display truss.

This stand design is "build 2" The example as shown is 3M x 3M x 3800mm high, however we can make this any size you prefer! This stand can be purchased as it is or just used to show what a super display you can achieve by just adding a top level on a basic square. Lighting can be inside the top banners illuminating the display area together with the banners. This stand offers the maximum use of what you pay for when you rent space in an exhibition hall. Construction of the stand is easy light gantry / truss individual aluminium sections are only around 3Kg for a 3 way corner or a 1.5M length. The pieces are locked in place with precision conicals and tapered pins. The stand will be without defects rigid and strong> Its the perfect place to add your branded banners and exhibition furniture. Exhibition gantry is ideal for suspending exhibition lighting and we have a range of clamps and fittings to get your lights in the right place. We can help with lighting brightness and colour temperature and well as printed company publicity branding.

A quick assembly lighting truss system that use a spigot and pin connection system, good load bearing abilities too.

New a slightly different floor size, ask for a quote 01256 768178.

Prices do not include lighting and banners but these can be supplied Coker Expo can also supply giant banners in PVC and Fabric banners

3 stage leg for easy lift.


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