C1 Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand 5 x 4 Metres

Lighting Truss Exhibition Stand

S35 Big stand less than two grand

Tri Tube


This is System 35 Lighting Truss kit showing you that you can build a fantastic display stand for less than £2000 Its true that does not include your flooring, lights and banners but, its a very interesting self build aluminium tri-tube gantry stand that can! Once you have 4 legs with a gantry stand you can go on to bigger and better shows this is super flexible its so easy to change the height and stand size for each show. This is the building block for everything lights banners action! This Example is 5x4 Metres and 2.5 Metres high Build time is about 30-40 minutes ideally with two people and you only need a nylon mallet. We can print your banners to fit and have full lighting solutions plus clamps all on this site or call us for help 01256 766234

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