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Lighting Truss - Aerial Octagon (2.3m diameter)

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Illuminate with Elegance Using Our Octagonal Aerial Lighting Truss

Innovative Design for Enhanced Lighting Over a 3.5 to 4m Square Floor Area

The Octagonal Aerial Lighting Truss from Coker Expo is introducing a revolution in event lighting. This unique structure, crafted from eight 135-degree sections of our renowned System 35 Trio lighting truss, offers an innovative approach to lighting spaces. Perfect for suspending an array of lighting fixtures, this truss covers a 3.5 to 4m square floor area, ensuring comprehensive illumination for your event, exhibition, or show.

Key Features:

  • Stable and Reliable: Trust in the robustness of our octagonal truss, featuring a steadfast spigot and pin connection system, measuring 2380mm across, which guarantees stability throughout your event.
  • Innovative Lighting Display: The octagonal shape allows for creative lighting arrangements, ensuring an even distribution of light and highlighting key areas.
  • Efficient Assembly: With its precision-engineered sections and reliable connection system, the truss promises a hassle-free setup, saving time and effort.

The Octagonal Aerial Lighting Truss isn't just a lighting solution; it's a centrepiece that transforms your venue. A stylish and elegant way to illuminate spaces enhances the overall ambience, making any event memorable.

Coker Expo is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions for all your lighting and exhibition needs. Our products are designed for maximum impact, ensuring your event is a success from start to finish. For more information or guidance on setting up your octagonal aerial lighting truss, please get in touch with us at 01256 768178.

Choosing our Octagonal Aerial Lighting Truss means investing in an atmosphere. It's not just about the light; it's about creating memorable experiences. Illuminate your next event with style, elegance, and confidence with Coker Expo.


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