LED Spot
LED Spot

High Power 80W LED. COK80. High level very bright spotlight for showrooms

Silver Beam Spotlight

TRI Colour Temperature in One Unit


COK80 Silver Beam Hi Powered Spotlight.


This directional LED display light needs to be mounted shining down from 3-4 Meters or more, it is very bright, very powerful.

The option to select the colour temperature by switches means you can change the light output mood from white cool to warm light this makes the unit perfect for products from clothes, jewellery or as high tech key lighting

One example to light a car to suit the colour or style of the vehicle on show, so next week it can be cool or white!

  • 3000-6000K
  • Beam Angle 24 degrees
  • AC/DC 85-265V
  • 80W
  • Barn doors included
  • Unit Dimensions 280x160mm
  • Colour settings for, cool, warm, daylight.

Ideal for use at exhibitions, trade show events, showrooms and retail outlets.

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