Coker Expo supply a wide range of motorised turntables used in rotating display stands for exhibition display stands and events.

Rotating display turntables come in all shapes and sizes, mains and battery powered, indoor and outdoor versions, finished displays or we can provide a standard drive motor to be fitted into your own rotating display stand or revolving product presentation.

Our range caters for various weight loads from a few grams right up to 3000 Kilos. All of our display turntable motors are fitted with safety clutches as is required by the E.C. for use in the public environment.

All of our motors rotate clockwise unless otherwise stated and have set speeds of rotation. We do not have any variable speed turntable units at present.

There is a lot to consider when choosing to create a custom rotating display stand. The diameter of the turntable, height of the finished revolving display, the total weight of the completed presentation, the speed it is to revolve, the effect of torque that a large display has on a small turntable drive motor. This can massively increase a displays actual weight by many times.

Coker Expo can also offer some units with a level of customisation, stop - start motion, anti clock wise revolution, alternate speed and oscillation. We are here to help and advise please call to discuss your project or request advice.

For more information on the exhibition rotating display options available at Coker Expo. Please call us on 01256 768178.

Turntables 0-50 Kilos

Turntables 50+Kilos

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