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Display Turntable Speed Adjustment and Electrical Current Convertor (For 100/200/300kg models)

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Key Features of the Speed Adjustment and Electrical Current Converter for Non Slip Ring Models Only.

The Turntable Speed Adjustment and Electrical Current Converter is a versatile device designed to modulate the speed of your 100kg, 200kg, and 300kg turntables (TTCSW1000/2000/3000by +/- 40%. This unit not only offers precise control over the rotation speed of your displays but also serves as an electrical current converter, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Specifications and Details

Functionality and Compatibility:

Exclusively crafted for use with the 100kg, 200kg, and 300kg turntables, this device allows for speed adjustment and regulation by changing the current modulation. This ensures that businesses can tailor the rotation speed of their displays to their specific needs, enhancing viewer engagement and product visibility.

Supply Time and Additional Features:

Customers can expect a supply time of approximately 2 weeks for the speed regulator and converter. An additional mains supply cable must be fitted to the turntable if paired with a slip ring unit. This may come at an extra cost; further details can be found in the product's drop-down menu.

Important Considerations for Optimal Use

To achieve the best results and maintain the safety and longevity of your turntable, it's vital to ensure that this speed regulator and converter is used exclusively with the 100kg, 200kg, and 300kg turntable models. Incorrect pairing or misuse can lead to malfunction or potential damage.

Expert Advice and Support

At Coker Exhibition Systems, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice. If you have any queries about the Turntable Speed Adjustment and Electrical Current Converter or need guidance on its installation and use, please call us on 01256 768178. Our dedicated team is always here to help ensure you maximise the benefits of your display solutions.


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