Turntables 50+Kilos

Cokerexpo are a major UK supplier of display turntables and drive motors we can provide units suitable for revolving displays and larger rotating promotional applications from 50 kilos right up to 3000 kilos in weight. These drive motor units are all mains powered, and fitted with safety clutches to comply with EC regulations.

Note the size, height and width of your display can effect the torque on the center bearing by many times and require a larger and more powerful turntable than first thought. All of our drive motors are for balanced concentric loads, some applications may require additional weight loading to maintain a balanced load.

We would suggest you purchase a sample and test your particular revolving display well, prior to quantity orders. Continuous movement is proven to increase sales, some reports say by up to 300%. These turntables are robustly built. There may be some low motor noise if a totally silent motor is required this is possible at an additional cost and build to order, you should call and confirm a production time.

You will find options given for speed of rotation, slip rings and external usage. We also offer by quotation a deck or turn plate production service to your size and finish requirements. Advice is free, call 01256 768178.

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Variable speed turntable 120 Kilos 60 CM Deck TT60100KVS


Mains powered display turntable 100 kilos TTCSW1000


Heavy duty turntable for loads up to 500 kilos, CEU5000


TTCSW3000SR Display turntable rotating stand mains powered


200 Kilo flat load motorised turntable with slip rings


100 Kilo Flat load Mains powered with Power rings for the display


Motorised display turntable TTCSW2000 for weight loads up to 200 kilos


600mm motorised display turntable complete with deck and skirt TTCSW1000SR


Large rotating display stand TTCSW1000 600mm dia beech top with ally skirt


Rotating display stand TTCSW1000 with 450mm Diameter deck and aluminium skirt


Built in turntable with square base plate


Speed regulation for heavy duty display turntables


CS01.5 turntable for rotating loads up to 1500 kilos


CS03 heavy duty turntable for rotating loads up to 3000kgs


CS01SR turntable for loads up to 1000 kilos heavy duty turntable


Display turntable for up to a 750 kilo load 4 Models Indoor and outdoor


TTCSW3000 Mains powered turntable for 300 kilo loads