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Artwork Guidelines

Preparing your artwork for print
When preparing your artwork for print, with large format printing please use 150dpi as a minimum, this dpi should be fine, as these typical artwork are more likely to be viewed from a distance. But, it’s recommended to have at least 300dpi for a sharper image.
We advise you not to supply any files that will output below 150dpi at full size, as you then risk a pixelated image when your file is printed.

In general, the final artwork size should be set to 100% output size, at a minimum of 150dpi but 300dpi is preferred.

When you are preparing artwork for printing, always use CMYK. This means that the final print should produce the correct desired colours.

Print Safe Area
Make sure your important information is at least 5mm from the edge of the document. To avoid any problems with information being lost in the printing/trimming process.

Adding Bleed
The bleed is an area outside of the image that's extended past the final print. Our recommended area of bleed is 3mm. Add this amount of bleed to each side of the artwork. We do not need crop/registration marks placed on the artwork.

It is important to ‘convert all text to curves’ or ‘create outlines’ before you save to EPS or export to PDF. You can also embed the fonts into the document.

Saving Artwork
For best results, please supply a print ready PDF or an EPS file.

Quick steps
  1. Colour space: Make sure your artwork is in CMYK and not RGB.
  2. Add bleed: Our printing requires a 3mm bleed area. This is only required if you have an image or coloured background that bleeds to the edge of your artwork.
  3. Text/Fonts: Create outlines or embed all fonts.
  4. Saving artwork: Choose a file format to save your artwork. PDF is usually the preferred format. Save your artwork as a single-layered image using a CMYK colour mode. If using Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop, please use the Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004) CMYK Working space if possible.