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A lighting truss can bring an exhibition stand to life

A lighting truss can bring an exhibition stand to life

Making a success of your exhibition stand requires you to grab the attention of attendees and turn them into stand visitors. Good lighting is an important element is attracting their attention and bringing you stand to life.

Lighting trusses are a very innovative way to achieve great lighting effects to attract visitors.

Let’s have a look at what is involved with lighting trusses.

What is a lighting truss?

The definition of a lighting truss is summarised very well in the following quote:

”A lighting truss is a tubular frame made of steel or aluminium that is used for fastening and positioning lighting fixtures and related cables. Used primarily for stage performances, trade shows, and in night clubs, trusses can be suspended from portable lighting stands, permanently mounted to the building, or suspended by wire rigging “( Source: Wisegeek)

Have look at the example image above which gives you an idea of how it can look.

What are the benefits of a lighting truss?

Lighting trusses have many benefits when you are considering plans for your exhibition stand or event.

Eye catchingCan be customised to suit most environmentsVery sturdy and stableEasy assembly modular systemsLong life span so you re-use many timesCan customise the suit your exhibition design

What are lighting trusses made from?

Lighting Trusses are usually made from aluminium which means that they can be light weight. They are highly portable which can help to reduce the cost of transport and assembly.

Can you rent a lighting truss?

You can rent lighting trusses for a specific period and then consider whether it is something you want to invest in for the longer term. At Coker Expo we rent lighting trusses.

What impact will a Lighting Truss have on my exhibition stand?

A lighting truss can bring an exhibition stand to life using the right lighting effects on the truss. Lighting that is suitable for most lighting systems including LED’s, halogen, halide, tungsten in a variety of wattages.

A lighting truss set up in the right way can add significantly to the overall design of the exhibition stand. They can attract visitors because they are eye catching and will make you stand out room your competition.

Lighting trusses are eco friendly

Since lighting trusses can be re-used many times they help to reduce future spending and reduce the amount of waste from a system that is only used once or a few times.

Take advice about lighting trusses

If you want advice and help about lighting trusses and the best lights to use, at Coker Expo we are always willing to lend a helping hand so get in touch.

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