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Ideas for exhibition stands

Ideas for exhibition stands

The are many great ideas for an exhibition stand that will help you make a success of your investment in an exhibition and attract new customers.

An exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet potential customers face to face and show how you are better than the competition. It is therefore imperative that you spend time creating an exhibition stand that well designed and stands out from the crowd.

Let’s look at some ideas that might help you to stand out

Create a unique design that attract visitors

If your exhibition stand looks like everyone else, then you will not stand out and attract visitors.

There a wide range of modular exhibition stands available that will give you great flexibility in how you present your brand or business at an exhibition. These modular stands are very flexible and can be enhanced with lighting and displays.

Show your brand in a new way

The days of just putting your products on simple stands has long gone. Visitors will expect to be presented with something stimulating and different.

Your exhibition stand will be seen as an extension of your brand. Say for example you are promoting a range of new wine. You could create the feel of a vineyard on your stand so visitors will be curious and intrigued. This could be supported by lighting and displays which create the right atmosphere.

Create in inviting feel to your exhibition stand

If your objective is to get visitors to sit down and relax while you interact with them, then you need to have the right set up.You will need a lounge area with seating and possibly some refreshments. It helps if your visitors are relaxed and sitting down.

The layout should make it easy to get to your lounge areas and not have a lot of obstacles like tables or stands in the way.

Consider also having ways to engage your target audience while they are waiting or browsing. For example, do you need a tech system that allows your visitors to engage with your brand while they wait or browse.

Exhibition lighting is always important

Lighting systems have improved hugely in recent years, and you now have a very wide choice to suit the design of your stand.

You can have much more than static lighting. For example, you can now have advanced LED lightboxes on your exhibition stand which can deliver a truly dynamic and unique experience.

A lighting truss is also an interesting way to achieve some great lighting effects.

You can read our other article on lighting trusses by clicking on the link below:

A lighting truss can bring an exhibition stand to life

A tech enables stand is a must

Everyone uses a smart phone and expect that they will be easily able to interact with your exhibition stand. This means that you will need good wi-fi on your stand and well-prepared ways for potential customers to interact.

If appropriate some exhibition stands provide interactive games to attract visitors. Alternatively, an interactive knowledge base for potential customer might work better if it’s a Business-to-Business exhibition.

If your ideas work, then you will attract more visitors and this in turn will attract others who want to visit a successful stand.

Take advice and get some good idea

If you are looking for some input on your exhibition stand, then get in touch with us at Coker Expo. We have many years of experience of all aspect of exhibitions.

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