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Closing sales on your exhibition stand

Closing sales on your exhibition stand

If the main objective of your exhibition stand is to close sales during the exhibition, then there are a number of key areas to focus on. Let’s have a look at some of the key areas that you should consider.

Exhibition stand design must focus on the delivery of sales

There are many aspects to exhibition stand design which we have covered in previous articles. I have added links to other articles about stand design at the bottom if you want to read them alongside this article.

To enable sales to be made from your exhibition stand you will need to consider some of the following matters in your design:

The design must be welcoming so that visitors want to visit your exhibition standIs the messaging on the exhibition stand clear that you are selling from your exhibition standThe space and displays should allow visitors to browse for a short while before interacting with your salespeopleWill you need seating and tables to allow visitors to interact comfortably with your teamHas you stand got the technology available to enable sales to be madeIs there space for the storage of products for sale

Now that you have taken account of the sales process in your design, let’s look at some aspects of the exhibition itself.

Respond to exhibition stand visitors

Now you are at the exhibition, and you have visitors you need to consider the best way to attract and handle them.

Make sure that the messaging on the exhibition stand is selling the benefits of your product or service. This will help to attract the right sort of visitors to your stand because they are showing interest in the potential benefits you are offering.

Have people on hand to interact with visitors and answer any queries. You can get a lot of help from technology here by making a lot of the background information online. QR codes have become a very popular way to allow visitors to access detailed information while they are on your stand. Alternatively, you may also use printed marketing material also.

Get as much information as you can about your visitors. Ask them what products or services they are interested in and what their role in their organisation is. You are trying to find out if they can make a purchase or are they gathering information. You can then focus the conversation in the right direction.

Ensure that you can close the sale or follow up

You have had your conversation with a potential customer and now you are either going to close the sale or get information for a follow up.

To close the sale, you will need the technology to handle the sale and the supporting Ecommerce to take the payment. The customer will expect you to provide supporting invoices and documentation either as printed copies or electronically via email. Some customers will require both. This is also a good opportunity to gather information for follow up and help with future sales opportunities.

If the visitors do not want to commit today, then you will need a way to capture the follow up information. The more detailed the information you capture will allow you to be more focused in the follow up. Make sure you agree the follow up steps with the potential customer, so your communication do not come as a surprise to them.

Get help with your exhibition stand

If you are looking for assistance with your exhibition plans, we have a lot of experience in all aspects of exhibition stand so please contact us at Coker Expo if you need help

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