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Exhibition stand ideas that succeed

Exhibition stand ideas that succeed

Exhibition stand ideas that succeed need to have a strong identity and clear vision from the start.

Identify the target audience for your exhibition stand.

At an early stage you need to decide who you are trying to attract to your exhibition stand. Define who you are trying to reach in as many ways as possible. This could include defining age groups, level of seniority of the visitor or job specific, location, industry specific and many others. If you are likely to have existing customer visiting your stand, make sure you have a plan to make them feel valued.

The content on you stand should be influenced by who you define as your target. You will end up with messaging and content that will appeal more to your target audience. You may attract fewer visitors overall but get more targeted visitors.

Take for example an exhibition stand promoting fine wine acquisition and storage that is likely to appeal to older and more sophisticated adults. The messaging and content should be conveyed using messaging that appeals to that target sector.

Technology is now important on Exhibition Stands

The availability of easy-to-use technology in exhibitions has moved on significantly in the last few years so creating a successful experience is a combination of the traditional methods combined with the use of up-to-date technology.

There is a wide range of affordable technology now which includes the use of interactive screens, videos, games sitting alongside the traditional methods of interaction. This can extend to include the use of web and social media.

Deliver a positive experience on your exhibition stand.

Creating a positive experience for your visitors required a well thought out design. You will have to consider

Having content that is brief and helpful.Making it easy for visitors to get to reach you so they can interact.Having facilities for visitors to consider your business and ask questions?Technology helping to inform and deliver the right experience?Providing supporting information online for visitors during and after the exhibition?Providing a call to action on the stand or online so visitors can interact?

This is a few of the important issues you may want to consider.

Select the right event for your exhibition stand.

Selecting the right event for your exhibition stand is crucial if you want to reach the right target audience. The exhibition organiser will usually have a ready supply of information concerning previous exhibitions.

You should research the profile of the likely audience and say no to the exhibitions which don’t have enough of the people attending who fall into your target audience.

There are a lot of skill and experience goes into deciding the best exhibition stand for your business. Why not get in touch with people who know all the ins and out of successful exhibitions. We at Coker Expo are happy to heap do advise so please get in touch

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