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Exhibition stand designs in 2023

Exhibition stand designs in 2023

What are the trends in exhibition stand designs in 2022 and what will exhibition stand designs in 2023 be like. What are the trends in recent years that will set the direction for 2023 and beyond. There have been many changes that have already impacted but let’s look at some of the bigger ones and how they might have an impact.

Exhibitions that are environmentally responsible

There is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of all aspects of our lives and exhibitions are no exception. This is especially so among the younger age groups who will ask you about your approach.

Can some your exhibition stand be re-used to help with your next exhibition stand is probably the most obvious way to be sustainable. For example, when an exhibition stand has a re-usable aluminium framework, this will allow for the re-use at multiple exhibitions.

You may need to change other elements of your exhibition stand but the framework can often be re-used. Using a modular structure also helps with re-using elements of your exhibition stand.

Technology can help with your sustainability drive by minimising the level of brochures and handouts. It is possible now to provide a lot of supporting information online. With the wide use of smart phones visitors often prefer to download information to browse now or read later.

There is a multitude of other ways to be environmentally friendly. Consider this as a significant branding/ marketing matter at the planning stage. You may then promote your brand as being environmentally friendly.

Technology use at exhibitions

The use of technology at exhibitions has grown significantly. We have already covered how to use technology to be environmentally friendly but there are many other aspects.

There is a very wide range of possible uses of technology, but here are a few:

Interactive screens- A lot of exhibition stands are now building in interactive screens to attract and engage visitors. Examples include enquiry screens, games, catalogues, virtual reality, photo booth, watching videos and many more. It all depends on your what your target audience will respond to and the budget you have set for your exhibition stand.Hybrid Exhibitions- During the Pandemic several exhibitions were organised as virtual events and were successful. There is now a trend for in-person events to be paired with a virtual event. This is especially the case with an exhibition that has a global audience and want to attend but cannot afford the cost or time to travel.Dynamic displays- For example a dynamic LED lightbox could add something new to your exhibition stand. You could have an LED lightbox that will display animations that will wow your audience

Exhibition design should embrace simplicity

The old saying that “less is more” is true here. There has been a trend to making exhibition stands that are simpler and more stripped back. The reality is that the messaging needs to be direct and less cluttered. The focus needs to be on the key messages and the delivery need to be direct.

The amount of text being used has reduced with more emphasis on branding and simpler elevator pitches. This can work well with the right technology where visitors can easily get additional information.

Take advice on Exhibition stand design at an early stage

Exhibition stand designs in 2023 will follow a lot of these trends. If you need help and advice on your exhibition design please get in touch with us at Coker Expo and we will help to guide you.

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