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How to get creative with your exhibition stand

How to get creative with your exhibition stand

How to get creative with your exhibition stand is a question that frequently arises. Just presenting the same exhibition each year may turn people off and you will be overtaken by your competitors.

An exhibition stand needs to take on board creative ideas that will not blow the budget. A starting point is to get the right people on your team involved and maybe look for outside assistance at the planning stage.

Let’s have a look at some of the areas where you might be more creative.

Decide a theme for your exhibition stand

At the start of the plans, you should decide an overall theme. This will set the tone for all other part of the stand.

For example, if your theme is to show products that are in use in the garden, then the stand could reflect the outdoor nature of your business with aspects of a garden on display. Another example is a brewer who creates an exhibition stand that looks like a country pub or the inside of a brewery.

Graphics on your exhibition stand

Graphics have been used in exhibitions for a long time now so there are plenty of examples and a wide choice. Maybe consider large scale graphics with bold colours that convey your message and your brand.

Your objective is to attract attention and drive visitors to your stand. Set your team the objective of coming up with new graphics ideas They should have researched previous exhibitions and your competitors stands.

Lighting your exhibition stand can be very creative

Lighting is now an integral part of every exhibition stand design, so it is important to be open to ideas.

Have you considered using a lighting truss for elevated lighting which can be used in many ways. If you have the graphics plan organised, what lighting do you need to highlight the key graphics that you want to draw attention to.

There is a multitude of lighting ideas which we have already written articles about so you might consider reading these also. Click on the links below if you want to read more.

A lighting truss can bring an exhibition stand to life

Why light and movement will elevate your exhibition stand

Technology can boost an exhibition stand

Technology has moved at speed and now there are many affordable ways to consider using technology on your stand.

Interactive screen- This is now in widespread use so potential customer can interact with your business as they browse.Virtual Reality- This new technology is now widely available and could wow your audienceQR codes- These codes can allow people to quickly obtain information about your business on their smart phones. They can be easily placed on the stand or in brochures/ business cards.Games- This will only apply in some circumstances, but games have proven very popular with exhibition audiences.Competitions – They are always popular especially if they are combined with easy access using technology

Be unique with your exhibition ideas

The theme you set at the start will create the ideas for the stand. If the result is unique and interesting, then you will attract attention.

If you need help with creating your unique exhibition stand why not get in touch with us at Coker Expo. We are always willing to help.

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