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What are the benefits of turntables on your exhibition stand?

What are the benefits of turntables on your exhibition stand?

What are the benefits of turntables on your exhibition stand is question that is often discussed. If you want to attract visitors to your exhibition stand, two things can make a big difference; They are lighting and movement.

Adding movement on your stand will help catche the eyes of visitors and draw them to your stand generally and your display messaging specifically.

Why movement is a positive thing to have on your stand.

One of the primary functions of any exhibition stand is to deliver messaging and displays which invite the observer to move closer to learn more.

In other words, it’s all about encouraging engagement.

Engagement on an exhibition stand is key.

If engagement is one of the primary goals, then using the right tools to facilitate or encourage that engagement is a critical part of stand design and marketing.

That’s where turntables come in.

A well-lit moving display can be both informative and brand explanatory at the same time. Having rotating displays each focused on a specific message you want to get across to your audience is a proven and really quite powerful way of encouraging engagement.

Turntables can help you stand out from the crowd

Having attractive rotating displays on your stand can differentiate you and help you stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, clever use of different types of turntable or rotating displays can position your offering in an attractive yet sophisticated way that – again – differentiates you and makes your exhibition space more inviting to your audience.

There is a wide choice of rotating displays .

When designing your stand and deciding to incorporate movement, devote some thinking time to what sort of rotating display will work best for different types of messaging.

Turntables come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. There are lightweight ones, heavy duty ones, clever ones that work with lightboxes, tall ones, short ones… the list is extensive.

Have a look at and you can see what I mean.

Use your rotating displays to make strong and specific points. Attract your audience with professional, interesting, engaging content that moves, and use that movement to emphasise the point you want to get across.

It is a proven fact that we humans are primarily attracted to visual stimulus and will unconsciously prioritise such stimulus ahead of other – more static – inputs ninety percent of the time.

So, it almost begs the question; why wouldn’t you use rotating displays on your exhibition stand

Co-ordinate your turntable displays with your lighting scheme and you can end up with an inviting stand environment that helps with your brand and product positioning whilst differentiating you and attracting relevant footfall to your stand.

At the end of the day, you are investing marketing money in your exhibition, so why not give yourself the best chance of getting a decent ROI from this investment by using movement to deliver professional messaging that attracts the right audience.

Also, don’t forget to ask for advice. Whilst you may have strong views on what messages you want your stand to deliver, it is always worth getting a professional perspective from an experienced stand designer. It could make all the difference.

Get help with your exhibition stand design

What are the benefits of turntables on your exhibition stand has many answers as set out above. If you need help with your exhibition stand design or just about turntables, the get in touch with us at Coker Expo

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