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Good exhibitions stand design advice is very valuable

Good exhibitions stand design advice is very valuable

Good exhibitions stand design advice is very valuable especially if you are new to it or just looking for fresh ideas. Getting advice from people that know what they are talking about and have a lot of experience can be a big help.

Exhibition stand design should focus on the visitor

It means you should be thinking about what it will look like from the perspective of your potential visitors.

All too often I see stands that have been designed the other way round from the perspective of the exhibitor rather than the visitor, and the problem here is that the message that the exhibitor is trying to get across is sometimes lost in translation.

It is very normal for exhibitors to be ‘too close’ to their business, services, products or messaging and to believe they know best how to attract the right sort of visitor to their stand

Exhibition stands should be designed like a good shop front.

Your stand needs to have at its heart a design that focuses on attracting the visitor first, rather that trying to deliver multiple messages that may only serve to confuse the casual observer.

Think of it as a shop window on a high street.

Every good shop window is designed to attract or intrigue passing traffic to the extent that they stop to view the window. Next, the display or messaging should be interesting or intriguing enough to warrant the visitor to want to know more.

To do that, he or she must enter the shop.

The window has done its promotional job and the shop now gains a footfall.

Do you have targets for your exhibition stand?

Having a footfall target for your stand is an interesting and often overlooked aspect of stand design.

Whilst it is undoubtedly true that some very technical exhibitions are focused on smaller numbers of high-quality visitors, other exhibitors want to attract as much traffic on to their stand as possible, and design is key in either case.

So, designing a stand in a way that focuses on attracting the right volume and the right target type, becomes a critical factor when setting KPI’s for the exhibition. Having a footfall target or plan is an important component input into stand design.

Exhibition stands should be designed to engage your visitors also

Right, so your exhibition shop window is working well, and visitors are landing on your stand, what happens next?

How many visitors can your stand hold at any one time?

Do you need to speak to every visitor? – Do you have the resource on your stand to be able to do this?

The above questions again emphasise how important stand design is if you want to attract and gain from footfall to your stand.

Get help with your exhibition stand design

Take a look at and browse the rest of our site.

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Best advice when designing a stand is to get help from people with a lot of experience in design and supply of exhibition stands and their componentry.

And have a visitor plan that explicitly sets out what the shop window is going to look like and how you are going to handle the footfall when it enters the store

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