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How to be creative with your exhibition stand

How to be creative with your exhibition stand

How to be creative with your exhibition stand has many facets which we will consider in this article.

In an exhibition hall you are competing against other exhibitors so you will need to be creative if you want to stand out. What are some of the good ideas to help an exhibition stand be successful and stand out?

Design your Exhibition stands to attract visitors

A successful exhibition stand will need to use a lot of creative ideas to entice visitors to visit and interact. Some ideas are tried and tested but can be used in newer/ creative ways.

Live demonstrations – Demonstrations can be very effective if they are presented with a bit of imagination. This will depend on the type of product or service you are demonstrating but it can work for a lot of businesses. The live demo could be followed by a product taster or trial of say a new product using facilities available on the stand.

Discount offers- Giving special discounts if you visit a stand can be very attractive to visitors since it offers a measurable benefit. This might also give you the opportunity to gather information on your audience for future marketing.

It is important to consider who your target audience is before deciding on the best ideas. Existing customers who you know may react better to say a discount or special offer on a new product. New customer may want to get a better understanding of your product or service but may also be swayed by a special introductory offer which is targeted at new customers.

Exhibition stand lighting and visual appeal

Making your exhibition stand out from the competition is crucial and a good lighting design can make a big difference. Using coloured lights, moving lights, coloured lights can all help to create an attractive atmosphere your stand. To achieve this impact, you will need to consider the best design at the design stage.

Other visual impacts can be created using videos to grab the attention of visitors. Creating videos that are suitable for an exhibition does not need to cost the earth but will need some careful thought about is design and its length. If you don’t have the skills inhouse, there are a wide range of people who can produce videos for you.

Other ideas to add creativity to your exhibition stand

There are many other ways to be creative with your exhibition stand.

Offer a competition- Running a free to enter competition is always popular, especially if the prize is appealing to the audience. It also has the benefit of being able to gather data about your entrants so you can follow up later by email or phone.

Provide a known guest speaker on your stand. This has become popular especially in recent years. Sometimes your nominated speaker will be speaking in a separate area designated for presentations, but the speaker will be representing you and your brand. At most events it is usually allowed to hand out material about your business or to make it downloadable.

Use technology to get follow ups.

Make supporting information and visuals available online so visitors can access information during and after the exhibitions. It is important that the content is visually appealing, so visitors get a positive impression.

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