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Exhibition stands now combine digital and physical

Exhibition stands now combine digital and physical

There have been huge changes in the digital environment over the past decade which have made it part of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. This trend is also growing in exhibition stands where the hybrid experience (i.e., combining physical and digital) is becoming the norm.

There are now generations of people who have been brought up to think of technology, in particular smartphones/ tablets/ watches etc as the first port of call for any information. Their expectation is that they will easily find information about your business online before, during and after an exhibition.

They will also expect an element of technology on your exhibition stand whether this is interactive, providing demos or communicating graphical images about your business.

Let’s look at some of the ways businesses are using technology to help their exhibitions.

Interactive screens as part of your exhibition stand

Interactive screen has been become popular on a lot of exhibition stands. This could be as simple as displaying a video on a screen where the visitor can choose which video to watch but it is possible to become more sophisticated depending on your budget.

They are appealing because they help your target audience and can give a positive professional image of your business.

Virtual exhibition at same time as your physical exhibition

Virtual events took off during the Pandemic and were very successful. They look set to continue alongside physical exhibitions.

The restriction and difficulty in using airlines post Pandemic has given continued impetus to this trend. If you have an international audience, then a virtual exhibition will appeal to a lot of people. They can attend the exhibition, make enquiries, and attend speaking events without having to board a plane.

This type of approach will not appeal to all since you will have to have the budget to set up and run a virtual event alongside a physical event.

Digital promotions can work well at an exhibition

The days of visitors being given a heap of leaflets are fading. This is partly because of the need to reduce waste but also because the younger audience want the information in a digital form.

One method of delivert is to use QR codes. They can easily be read by smartphones and are becoming a popular way for visitors to download brochures and other information.

Dynamic display screens

Display screens, in particular lightboxes have advanced a lot in recent years and now have some clever technology integrated into them. One of the most effective ways to grab attention is to use intelligent lightboxes to combine high quality graphics with LED lighting to give some amazing eye-catching effects.

There are many aspects to delivering a successful exhibition stand and technology is fast becoming an important element. You can read more in our other articles about creating a successful exhibition. Below are a few of the articles that you may find helpful:

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If you need help with ideas for your exhibition stand, why not get in touch with us at Coker Expo

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