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What are the key issues to consider when planning your exhibition stand

What are the key issues to consider when planning your exhibition stand

When you are at the early stage of planning for an exhibition, there are several crucial areas to consider if you want to make a success of your investment.

What is the objective of your exhibition stand

It is important to get the objective clear and written down at an early stage. The objective of a stand can vary widely so let’s look at some of alternatives. It may of course be a combination of more than one objective.

Raise brand awareness.Generate new leads or customersLaunch and promote a new product or serviceConnect with existing customersSell products or servicesFind partners such as distributors or value-added resellers to work with you

Once the objectives are clear, you will be in a much better position to decide on the best exhibitions to attend.

Select the right exhibition to fit your objectives

Now that we are in the post Pandemic world, there will be many exhibitions to choose from. With a clear set of objectives in mind you will have to narrow down the list. Major factors in this process could include:

If you previously attended, what was the outcomeWhat is the track record of the exhibition and, how many of your target audience have attended their previous exhibitions.How many of your competitors were present in previous yearsAsk your supplier, customers, and competitors if they are attendingWhat is the timing. Is it a good time of the year for your business?Does the size of the exhibition work for you.Does the exhibition provide enough support like lighting, internet access and catering?What will the exhibition cost?What space is available and is the location in the exhibition suitable?How much promotion of the event by the organiser will there be in advance

Set a budget for your exhibition stand

It is important to set a budget and get approval before you spend too much time on the project. The cost will include the cost of the stand, the running costs like power and light and the people costs.

Don’t forget to budget for the use of technology on your exhibition stand. which is very much part of exhibitions now. This can range from interactive screens to the use of QR codes for downloading information and social media marketing

Planning your exhibition stand design

Now that you have your objective and a budget, you can get going on the design. There are many aspects of Exhibition Stand Design which we have highlighted in other articles. Have a look at the following articles:

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Choose a team for your exhibition stand

At an early stage you should identify your exhibition team. The need to understand the objectives and what will be the measure of success. At this stage you might also be considering what incentives you will be giving as the rewards for success.

If possible, they should have a say in the design process since they will be responsible for the outcome.

Good planning and success go together. We understand this at Coker Expo and are to help where we can so get in touch if you need help.

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