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Tips for making a success of your exhibition stand

Tips for making a success of your exhibition stand

You have made the decision to attend an exhibition or multiple exhibitions. This means that you are committing funds to a project, and you want to be sure that you will get a positive return on that investment.

Let’s look at some of the significant areas you should factor into your plans if you want to make a success of your exhibition.

Exhibition planning is crucial

You should be planning your exhibition well in advance to allow time for all the stages we discuss below.

The first matter is to appoint a team of people to take responsibility for the project. This team will be responsible for putting together a budget, a detailed timetable, a detailed action plan and an outline design. There is a lot of work to do but good planning will help to deliver a good result. Once the plans are ready, they will need sign off by the manager in charge or the Board.

Goals for your exhibition

Now that you have the team in place and have initial sign off, you should set out a clear set of goals for the exhibition. The goals should be clear and easy to understand. The success in achieving a goal needs to be communicated in measurable targets so that everyone understand what success means.

For example, if the goal of the exhibition is to grow your customer base for a new service, then the target could be an agreed level of sign-ups each day. It is important that the team who must deliver the target are involved and are committed to hitting or beating the target.

Whatever you do, simplicity is the key. A clear goal and a clear target

Exhibition Stand design is important

The design of the exhibition stand can be crucial in getting visitors to your stand.

We have written articles on many aspects of Exhibition stand design. Have a look at our other articles relating to exhibition stand design which are listed below:

How to design a great exhibition standHow to make the most of your exhibition spaceSmaller Exhibition stands work wellHow creative use of lighting can transform your exhibition stand

Define your exhibition target audience

It is very important to define your target audience in advance. This means that you can do plenty of research about the attendees. This should also influence the design and in particular the messaging on the exhibition stand.

Your goal is to ensure that your team spend as much tme as possible working on your target audience and not waste too much time on those visitors who are not targets. It’s a tricky balance but can be well handled with good preparation

Location of your exhibition stand

Getting a good location in an exhibition hall is always important. The position you are allocated may depend on budget, but you should try to influence the choice so it optimal for your campaign. You don’t want to be stuck in a corner with your competitor getting a much more favourable space.

Some of the factors you might consider are:

Position relative to your competitorsPosition relative to facilities like cafes and entrance/exitsLikely footfall in your allocated spaceAccess to utilities like power for lighting

Exhibition follow up is crucial

One the exhibition is finished you will have compiled a lot of useful information about existing and potential customers. It is important that the follow up is done promptly during and after the exhibition while it is still fresh in people’s minds.

There is a lot to consider before during and after an exhibition. If you need help with any aspect of your exhibition, then please get in touch with us at Coker Expo.

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