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An exhibition stand design must include a well thought out lighting plan

An exhibition stand design must include a well thought out lighting plan

Every good exhibition stand design must factored in lighting as a key design element if they are to succeed in a very competitive environment.

Lighting has become a key factor in how an exhibition stand will be perceived by your target audience. It is therefore worth spending time at the design stage on considering the best form of lighting for your stand. Let’s look at some of the issues you should consider in deciding the best lighting ideas.

Lighting will set the mood of your exhibition stand?

Good lighting will set the mood and atmosphere of your exhibition stand. Do you want a relaxed area for people to drop in or if something livelier is required then brighter lighting could be considered?

Lighting on your exhibition stand will help to promote your brand?

Lighting can be used to highlight areas of your stand so that you brand name, logo and messaging are brought across clearly. Make sure you are selective on where the lighting is focused so that people’s attention is drawn to the areas that matter most to you.

For example, if you are launching a new product, the area of the stand about the new product/ service could have lighting focused on it. Alternatively, you could focus on a promotion offer to bring people to your stand.

How much does exhibition lighting cost?

The budget will vary a lot depending on the size of the stand and the types of lighting in use. You will need to consider running costs of the bulbs or LED diodes, the efficiency of the lights, and the amount of power needed to run them. There are plenty on low energy lighting ranges to choose from, but you will need to do some research to establish what is the best choice for your exhibition stand or display. Getting the balance between budgetary restraints and good lighting is always a challenge so take expert advice at an early stage.

Truss lighting can make a big difference to your stand.

When it comes to exhibition design, having a lighting truss structure is very popular and is well suited to get the best out of a modern lighting design. Trusses come in many shapes and sizes to suit your design and there is a wide range of lighting systems which can be built onto your trusses.

Why good lighting is crucial for a successful exhibition stand.

When you are designing an exhibition stand, remember that you are marketing your business but in the same room as your competition most of the time. Your objective is to stand out and draw attention to your business. The design, especially the lighting will have a major impact on how successful you are. You need to spend time on the design to ensure you achieve your goals.

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