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How to design a great exhibition stand

How to design a great exhibition stand

A great exhibition stand is one that has achieved the objectives you set at the start.

Objectives of your exhibition stand

Defining the objectives should be at the very start of your campaign. There are many possibilities and here are a few.

Raise brand awarenessLaunch a new productBuild a mailing list of potential customersGet subscribers to sign up and paySell your product or service

Getting the objectives right at the start will enable you to set targets which you can measure during and after the exhibition. With clear targets, the team on the stand can also understand what success means to you and them.

Brainstorming before you agree the exhibition stand design

Deciding on the design of your exhibition stand should involve the key decision makers along with the key team members who will be involved. At this early stage you should consider asking for external help with the design process.

The brainstorming will need to consider the overall objective discussed above but in much more detail. The big issue that will ned to be considered will include:

Brand identity and what is the key message you want to conveyBudgetTarget audiencePrevious exhibitions- What worked and did not workCompetitor location relative to your standLocation of stand and likely foot fallLocation of the exhibitionTimetable

The result of the brainstorming should be rough sketch or drawing of your main exhibition stand ideas. You may choose to use technology to help aid this part of the design.

The detailed layout of your exhibition stand

Now that you have a rough idea of the exhibition stand, the next stage is to look at the detailed layout of your exhibition stand. This involved deciding on the best layout for the space that you have available to you.

Use of lighting- Lighting should always be considered as a key part of any Exhibition stand design. A lot of exhibitions make use of lighting trusses which give great flexibility with lighting layout and can look very appealing. We have written other specific articles on this subject which you can read at ‘Why Light and movement will elevate your exhibition stand’ and at ‘How creative use of lighting can transform your exhibition stand’

Product/ Service displays- How will your products bee displayed to your target audience. Will you be proving free samples or allow visitors to interact using interactive technology.

Meeting areas- Do you plan to meet while standing up or will seating areas be required. Remember that visitors often get tired at exhibitions and may welcome a more relaxed setting with seating while they interact with you.

Technology- Will you be making use of interactive technology to help interact with visitors.

Storage- Keeping your exhibition stand uncluttered and clear is an important part of the impression you are creating. Make sure you have storage for coats, bags and your product is built into the design

Get help with exhibition stand design

From the above you can see that there is a lot involved in the process of creating a great exhibition stand. If you need help then why not ask people at Cokerexpo who have been there and have the T-shirt.

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