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How to make your exhibition more successful

How to make your exhibition more successful

If you are a regular visitor or exhibitor at exhibitions, you will have noted that some exhibition stands are more successful than others in attracting visitors. This success is a product of good planning and execution and there are many lessons to be learnt from other success stories and experiences.

Exhibition Stand Location

The location of your stand in an exhibition hall will be driven by your budget. The premium locations cost more and are likely to have more passing traffic. This is always a difficult trade off.

If you are a secondary location, then having a good design to attract visitors becomes even more important.

Exhibition Stand Design

There are many ways to use flexible design ideas and stay within your budget.

Overall Layout-The overall layout is very important and will be driven by the type of audience you expect. If it is a business-to-business exhibition, then seating areas on you stand may be important for conducting meetings and allowing your visitors time to interact

Alternatively, if you have a younger audience and you are marketing to consumers, then the priority may be towards more graphics and shorter interactions while standing.

Brand Promotion-If your objective is to promote your brand, then the style and colours may be driven by your brand identity but there is a lot of room for innovation in how they are used in graphics ( in particular computer graphics) on walls and trusses or even floor graphics.

Interactive -A lot of exhibition stands now make extensive use of interactive screens and displays so visitors can gather information or try products without assistance. But does this suit the type of service or product you are marketing. If you are marketing a more sophisticated service that needs one to one interaction, then it is unlikely to make good use of interactive screens. It is a good idea to get this sorted at an early stage and not use up your budget on ideas that will not deliver.

We have only scratched the surface here on areas where good design can help an Exhibition Stand to succeed. It is wise to get good advice on design at an early stage.

Good Exhibition Stand Lighting can make a big difference

It is one thing to have a great design, but the stand needs to stand out and be noticed. A good lighting plan can help to achieve this.

The range of lighting products is extensive and includes spotlights, backlights, display lights, Rope lights, LED strips and LED lightboxes. The best fit for your stand will depend on the design but should be factored into your plans.

Lighting Trusses (an aluminium lighting frame) have become more popular and give you a much wider choice of lighting systems and designs. If you budget is tight, it is possible to rent lighting trusses for the duration of your exhibition only.

The right people on the Exhibition stand

Getting the right people on the stand is crucial but who are they? The people with the best product knowledge should be present to advise but who should handle the first interaction? This might better be handled by people with a marketing background so that they can filter out the hot prospects and hand them over to the people with the detailed knowledge.

These are just some of the factors in ensuring your exhibition is a success. At Coker Expo, we have extensive experience of all aspects of exhibition design and implementation so get in touch if need any help or advice

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